The Purpose

The goal of Workshop of Mathematical Solutions in Business and Industry (ESGI) - to promote cooperation between business and science in order to solve business problems by using mathematical methods. The Workshop brings together researchers and business representatives for solving real-world problems that modern companies face.

The Concept of Event

During week-long workshop, participants work in groups and solve tasks that business representatives have introduced. The researchers’ team consults with the company’s delegate throughout the whole event if necessary. Teams present the results of their work one the last day of the Workshop – problem solution or recommendations are provided for the company.

Solutions to the problems provided by the companies from business and industry working in areas such as energy, production, electronics, environment protection, finance, medicine, commerce etc. are being searched during the Workshop.


Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


COST Action

Since 2016 the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is a member of the European Consortium of Mathematics in Industry and in 2017 Workshop of Mathematical Solutions in Business and Industry has been included in the cost action “Mathematics for Industry Network, MI-NET”.

MI-NET is a project supported by the action COST Action  TD1409 (Mathematics for industry network) and aimed to encourage the integration of mathematics into various sectors of industry as well as to strengthen the partnership between scientists and representatives from industry.