The Aim of the Event

The main goal of Workshop of Mathematical Solutions in Business and Industry - to promote business and scientific cooperation in order to solve business problems by using mathematical methods.

The week-long problem-solving workshop will bring together researchers and business representatives for solutions of real problems facing contemporary modern companies.

Event Format

During the workshop which will take place in June 12-16, 2017 will be solving real business problems. Companies are invited to submit their problems until 15th of April by completing online registration form.

Providing a problem →

The organizers will select 4 problems that will be solving during the workshop, and will inform the companies which have provided an applications until 15th of May.
Mathematicians who would like to participate in the workshop are invited to register until 10th of May by completing the online registration form. Scientists and PhD students working in the field of mathematics or computer science are invited to register.

Become a participant →

Until 15th of May, the organizers will select 24 participants and will inform researchers who have provided their applications.

  • The representatives of the companies will present their problems to participants;
  • The participants in the working groups will be solving the problems;
  • Working group will present the results of their work - problem solution will be provided to the company which has suggested a problem. Otherwise in the case of difficulty,  it might be indicated stages and recommendations of problem solving.

The first and the last day of the workshop – is required a participation of companies' representatives. Due to request, the representatives may participate during the whole workshop.
Participants and representatives of business will be invited to join leisure activities during their free time.

Program of the Event → 

By the application of mathematical methods, scientists are able:

To provide recommendations how to improve results of business activities;

To provide recommendations by seeking to forecast possible future scenarios, to mark and evaluate key factors which affecting activities of the company;

To provide recommendations how to optimize the process of manufacturing;

To evaluate the durability, identify, analyze and predict possible errors and failures;

To analyze sales and forecast risk of company's activities, to evaluate effectiveness of particular activities;

Solving problems of electronic data security, encryption systems, customer identification;

Solving problems of personal health monitoring, medical diagnostics and research in medicine;

To study and optimize the process of logistics;

To study and predict durability and strain of equipments and other mechanical systems;


Mathematical methods which could be used by solving the problems:

Solvency assessment in the work of financial institutions;

Systems modeling;

Big data analysis;

Time-varying data analysis;


Digital signal processing and image analysis;

Modeling of extreme events;

Signal Analysis;

Modeling networked systems;

Finite element method;